Summer Refresher: Lemon Slices


Lemon and coconut is probably one of my favorite flavour combis! Since it’s a non-cooking recipe, the lemon slices are refreshing and light – perfect for a summer party or family gathering. Looks impressive, but very easily made.

The key ingredients are definitely the lemons, the coconut and the digestive biscuits (which I bought in a British food store nearby). Also, add milk and butter – done! Before pooring into the square tin, the taste test was a must since it already smelled AMAZING. And I can tell you, I couldn’t stop eating. Yum, yum, yum!! The icing was as easy. And after popping that on and cooling for a few hours, the lemon slices were ready to eat. (The only ajustment I had to make were the coconut decoration on top of the slices since I didn’t have big coconut shavings.)

To be honest, the icing wasn’t as delish as the base. For me, it was way to sugary, but that’s just my personal opinion. Since the icing needs the sugar for a solid texture and I can’t add less sugar, I’ll probably spare the icing the next time. And yes – it’s THAT GOOD without the icing!

I found it difficult to get the lemon slices out of the tray and ended up squishing some pieces. So make sure to serve them really chilled and put them in a fridge whilst your party is going on. By doing that you can avoid lots of squishing and icing running.

All in all, this is a recipe I’ll definitely bake again!


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